I UK [praɪs] / US noun
Word forms "price":
singular price plural prices
1) [countable] the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy something

They charge the same prices in all their restaurants.

The cameras range in price from $150 to over $600.

The price per person goes down for groups of more than ten people.

price of:

We can expect further increases in the price of electricity.

low/high price:

Oil was at its lowest price in 30 years.

half/full price:

For a limited period only, all our carpets are being sold at half price.

Verbs frequently used with price as the object ▪  boost, depress, increase, lower, raise, reduce, slash Verbs frequently used with price as the subject ▪  fall, fluctuate, increase, jump, plummet, plunge, rocket, slump, soar, tumble
2) [singular] the disadvantages or bad experiences that are a necessary part of achieving something that you want

the high price of fame/success

pay the price (for something):

They have paid a terrible price for ignoring the crisis for too long.

Lamont famously described high unemployment as "a price worth paying" for economic stability.

at a price:

For some of these young athletes, success comes at a heavy price.

at what price?:

She has fulfilled her dream, but at what price?

at/for a price — for a lot of money

They'll do the work for you, at a price.

what price...? — used for asking whether something that someone has achieved was worth all the problems it caused; used for saying that you think something is very unlikely to happen

What price a peace settlement now?

What price a reprieve for Scotland in tonight's final?


II UK [praɪs] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "price":
present tense I/you/we/they price he/she/it prices present participle pricing past tense priced past participle priced
a) [usually passive] to set the price of a product or service

Tickets priced £5 are available from the library.

The shares were too highly priced.

be priced at/below/above etc:

The farmhouse is priced at £195,000.

b) to mark a product in a shop, for example with a label, to show how much it costs
2) to compare prices at different shops or companies before you buy something

English dictionary. 2014.

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